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    Faster Is Better


    "SPEED is the most consistent and durable source of competitive advantage."


    - Stone Payton

    Speaker / Author / Radio Host

  • High Velocity

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    High Velocity Speaking

    Producing Better Results In Less Time

    wrote the book on personal and organizational SPEED ® some years ago, and thoroughly enjoy speaking on the topic for groups large and small.


    I've been "rode hard and put up wet" for over 30 years now -- personally made every mistake in my own businesses that I've ever written, spoken, or consulted on . . . which fortunately, makes me a strong resource for confident, open-minded executives and entrepreneurs who are serious about Producing Better Results In Less Time.


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    High Velocity Book

    It's All About SPEED ®

    Discover the core principles of High Velocity Leadership, learn the speed-crippling barriers that destroy momentum, and establish a practical plan for Producing Better Results In Less Time.
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    powered by Business RadioX ®


    Amplifying The Voice Of Business by sharing unscripted conversations from local business leaders serving their Market, their Community, and their Profession


    Helping Professional Service Firms "own their backyard" with highly targeted Pro-Business radio programming


    Investing In Entrepreneurs who want to Help People & Make Money serving their local business community


  • Fast Friends

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    The Beach House

    Pensacola, FL

    The Beach House is an exclusive Peer To Peer Learning & Discovery experience designed specifically for a select group of executives, entrepreneurs, and experts doing Work That Matters and committed to learning, teaching, and growing.


    The Beach House Experience is available By Invitation Only.


    If you've received your invitation for our next event (October 20 -22), your Registration Code and Pre-Work Packet will arrive soon.


    If you'd like to apply for participation or sponsor a Young Entrepreneur, please e-mail me directly for more information: stone@businessradiox.com

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    SPEED ® School

    Virtual Learning Curriculum

    Each module is focused on a specific set of strategies and tactics you can apply immediately to produce better results in less time.


    Access to this course and the personal coaching that comes with it is available only to Fast Friends members.


    To apply for Fast Friends membership, please e-mail me directly to schedule your enrollment interview: stone@businessradiox.com

  • Audio Services

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    MarketMate Audio Services

    Driving Results At The Speed Of Sound

    • My BRX Segment (For BRX Guests)
    • Audio Newsletters
    • Audio Dust Jacket (Perfect For Authors)
    • Custom Channels
    • LIVE Event Coverage
    • LIVE Remote Broadcasts
    • Pop-Up Studios
    • Radio Camp
    • And Much, Much More . . .
  • My BRX Segment

    If you've appeared on Business RadioX ® as a Guest to share your your story, you already have their expressed permission to use the audio from that episode in any way you see fit to educate your market and promote your business. Two powerful ideas you might consider . . .

    • Carving out just your segment.
    • Having your segment transcribed

  • Let's Talk